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How to use Social Media for Brand Promotion and Lead generation?

Brands use social media to connect with target audience to generate new business, brand promotion and can interact with customers.

But still 80% of brands don’t have strategy on how to use social media to generation new business, what are the tools can be used.

First and the foremost thing in Social media is to find which social media channels to be used to promote brand. Instead of using all social media and putting efforts, it’s always advisable to select relevant social media channel.

Like Facebook can be used for B2C business and leveraging Facebook ads will help to reach large number of audience. LinkedIn can be used for B2B businesses with one to one interaction. Customize messages and interactions with specific topic help in generating leads and customers.

Users use Facebook to share memories, talk about current experience, travel, holidays and can connect with their friends and relatives. Where Twitter is more towards hashtags, general discussions, updates, sharing views points etc. LinkedIn is mainly used by working professional to get connect with other professional, share business ideas and generate leads.

That’s why it’s very important to select relevant social media channel to engage users.
Different channels have different set of active users and seek specific content.

We at Krishiv Academy of Digital Marketing teach students how they can use Social Media for brand promotion and lead generation.