What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategical process to promote a product , brand or business on one or more digital platforms. This process is usually followed to reach to the targeted audience, to generate more leads for the business and convert them into sales. It’s a modern world tool to reach out to the masses within just one click.

Become a certified digital marketing professional at KADM

Krishiv Academy of Digital Marketing in Faridabad focuses on training students and professionals to strengthen their knowledge about digital marketing. Our digital marketing courses are designed to support professionals, business owners and job seekers. Being the leading digital marketing institute in Faridabad, KADM makes sure that all training modules include comprehensive digital marketing courses (Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, email marketing, display marketing, Google Adwords, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing and much more).

Four Months Course Content

Digital Marketing Website Designing using WordPress
  •        Basics of Marketing.
  •        Overview of Digital Marketing.·
  •        Comparison between traditional and digital marketing
  •        Advantages of Digital Marketing
  •        Process involved in Digital Marketing
  •        Latest Trends
  •       Strategy used on different platforms.
  •        Introduction Of WordPress
  •        How It Works
  •        Dashboard
  •        Options And Settings
  •        Content Management
  •        How To Add Menu, Widgets
  •        How To Add Pages And Posts, Categories
  •        Install Plugins, And SEO Specific Plugins
  •        Blogging
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  •        Introduction of SEO.
  •        Working of SEO.
  •        Algorithms
  •        Latest google updates
  •        Google console
  •        Keyword research
  •        How to check keyword ranking
  •        Competitors analysis
  •        On page optimization
  •        Off page optimization
  •        Backlinks creation.
  •        Speed optimization


    •        Introduction to Paid Marketing
    •        google ad words
    •        Account setting of google adwords and billing process
    •        Types of Campaigns and strategies involved
    •        Google Ads
    •        PPC Campaign
    •        Keywords setup
    •        Bidding strategies used
    •       Conversion Tracking
    •        Quality Score Optimization
    •        Display Ads Campaigns
    •        Mobile Apps Marketing
    •        Remarketing campaigns
    •        Video Marketing
    •        AdWords Editor Tool working.
    •        Google Ads certification exam
Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

  •        Introduction to social media marketing
  •        Content developing
  •        Post and banner making
  •        Facebook marketing and tracking audience
  •        Facebook advertising and management
  •        Instagram Marketing
  •        Twitter marketing
  •        LinkedIn marketing and analysis
  •        YouTube marketing
  •        Pinterest marketing
  •        Quora Marketing


  •        What is Email Marketing
  •        Benefits of email marketing
  •        Software’s used in email marketing
  •        Tools used in email marketing
  •        Content development
  •        Building email marketing strategy
  •        Building subscriber lists
  •        Newsletters designing
  •        Campaigns and its types
  •        Reports and analysis


Inbound Marketing Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
  •        What is Inbound Marketing
  •        Process of inbound marketing
  •        Content Marketing Concepts
  •        Concepts used to design landing page
  •        Strategies used
  •        Tools for Inbound Marketing CRM and its uses
  •        What is Adsense?
  •        Types of Bidding and its process
  •        Implementing Ads in a Website
  •        What is Affiliate Marketing and its use.
  •        Types of Affiliate Marketing and its advantages
  •        How to make money using affiliate marketing.
  •        Affiliate Networks.
  •        Freelancing Business planning and strategies
Google Analytics
  •        What is Google analytics
  •        Tools used for website analytics
  •        Installing and implementing Google Analytics
  •        How to use Google Tag Manager
  •        Analysis and Implement Conversion Tracking
  •        Reports – Audience, customer, behavior, goals and conversion
  •        Segmentation and Filters
  •        Detail and working of all other options in Google analytics.