SEO includes off-page and on-page activities which help websites to get organic traffic, it affect the visibility of a websites in search engines. Proper search engine optimization help websites to get on top results for a particular keyword searched.

Google AdWords is an online advertising service given by google to advertisers to display advertisement on its own network and partner networks. Advertiser need to pay only when someone clicks on ad to visit website, or any other call to action button. Google AdWords helps in bringing new visitors to website, grow online business and engage customers.

Social media marketing strategy help websites to bring traffic through social media. Social media marketing incudes selection of potential social networks to use, proper financial plan, target audience, promotion of products and services and performance measures

Google analytics helps websites to understand from where visitors are coming to the website (traffic source), their behavior, and webpages performance. Return on investment of marketing campaigns can also be tracked from Google analytics resulting in more leads, high sales conversion and increased brand awareness.

Email marketing uses email in marketing communications, send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with contacts and customers. Email marketing is popular because sending email is much cheaper than any other forms of communication, emails get deliver to user inbox if done in right way.

Online reputation management (ORM) is about restoring or improving brand’s good standing, by countering, weakening or eliminating the negative comments, reviews etc. found online by positive content to improve credibility of brand.

Affiliate marketing is basically a performance based marketing in which a business rewards publishers for traffic, lead or sale bought for the advertiser. In affiliate marketing publisher show ads on their website and advertiser pay on the basis of click or lead.

Website is a set of related web pages which is needs to do online branding and have an online presence. Website include domain name which is pointed to an IP address. Every server has IP address where website content, data, images etc. are placed and accessed through http requests

Mobile Marketing

This module provides you with a solid understanding of the rapid evolution of the mobile marketing landscape. Focusing on cutting-edge case studies, you will gain knowledge of the strategies and technologies of best practice mobile marketing.
Topics include:

• Email Marketing Explained
• The Development of Mobile Marketing
• Various Forms of Mobile Marketing
• Geo-Targeting Your Campaign for Smart Phones
• How Consumers Use Mobile Marketing
• Examples & Case Studies

Email Marketing

Email Marketing, when carried out properly, is one of the most effective forms of Digital Marketing. This module will teach you about Data Protection, Opt-In Subscriber Management, E-Mail Design and Content, Email Delivery and Reporting.
Topics include:

• Creating Optimised Campaigns
• How to Measure Success
• Managing Your Database
• Best Practice Case Studies
• Choosing 3rd Party Email Providers

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